Our Story

In 1982, Dave and Gwen Carson started baking pies in their kitchen in Sanborn NY, and giving them to friends and family.
Word quickly spread, and they began to sell out of all the pies the same day they were baked. With the demand so high, Dave and Gwen decided to expand by building a commercial kitchen onto their house. Soon local supermarkets such as Dash's and Niagara Produce began to carry all their delicious pies and cookies.
1998 saw the opening of Carson’s Bakery and Deli. Carson’s quickly became a Western New York favorite. From the roast beef sandwich to the mac & cheese, subs, and soups, Carson’s became known as a family-friendly dining destination. And of course, who could forget Mom’s secret meatloaf recipe with that delicious sauce?
In 2012, Carson’s added fryers, and their legendary fish fry was born.
Although the team is a lot bigger now, Dave and Gwen both still work in the back overseeing the bakery and deli. Stop in today and say hi!